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Aquellos  Ojos  Verdes



"Our brand philosophy is to draw inspiration from the historic town of Bishu and beyond, crafting contemporary classics that resonate in the world of fashion."


Based on shirts incorporating craftsmanship from Southern Italy, we introduce indispensable pieces that interpret diverse tastes through our distinctive lens.


Enthralled by the rare hand-sewn techniques adorning Italian shirts, I embarked on a brief yet transformative journey to Italy, where a “manma” query, 'Do you find it beautiful?' became the guiding light of my craftsmanship.


Peeling back the layers of history, I explore fashion's myriad facets - from traditional to utilitarian. Drawing inspiration from my global wanderings, enriching garments with tales from photos, artifacts, and cultural spectacles.


The Bishu region, spanning 50 km around the abundant water sources of the Kisogawa River, has developed as Japan's leading woolen textile production area for over 100 years. Today, it is said to be one of the world's top three woolen textile production areas, along with Huddersfield in the UK and Biella in Italy.


It is here where I was raised.


The rhythmic hum of looms, the wild aroma of wool dyeing, the sunset casting hues upon the Kisogawa River - these are the echoes of my cherished past.


In Bishu, numerous processes from spinning to fabric production can be collaboratively executed, leading to the creation of a diverse array of fabrics, leveraging highly accumulated knowledge and technology recognized by both domestic and international fashion houses. Furthermore, techniques such as spinning, twisting, weaving, and finishing processing are extensively applied to materials beyond wool.


The world of combining materials such as silk, cotton, linen, ramie, cashmere, alpaca, viscose, nylon, and more is boundless, allowing for infinite combinations and expressions, surpassing our imagination.


It is our mission to disseminate products from here Bishu, embodying such possibilities.


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